Love Is Our Profession

by Godless America

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Recorded live at Dead Air Studios in Amherst, MA
Mixed at Northfire Recording Studio in Amherst, MA
Mastered by Duke Lude
Art by RK


released March 24, 2017

All songs written and produced by Godless America. On this recording, Godless America is:

Isabelo Cruz - Bass
Jeff Siegrist: Vocals
Duke Lude - Guitar
Rayyan Khan - Baritone Guitar
Thomas Friend - Drums
Zack Dion - Electronics on tracks 5 and 8



all rights reserved


Godless America Worcester, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Freedom Is A Double Edged Sword
In the year '48, on the verge of another world

Far beyond us all, cast off by society

To be unconditionally free, Jack Parsons and the OTO

He was taken down, he was killed by scientology

But freedom is a double edge sword

Resist, resist, do not give in

Complete the rite that you begin
Track Name: The First Amendment Was Written By Slave Owners
They will lock you down

They will muzzle your jaw

They will strip your clothes

These heroes you devise

God bless America, Godless America

You are a dollar sign

Your worth is what you make

Cross to cross, station to station

They just value your degradation

They were slave owners

They owned slaves

This nation was founded by

Racist misogynist pigs

We are still ruled by

A class which lives to oppress
Track Name: Mandatory Castration For Anti-Choice Males
Mandatory castration, anti-choice males

They will try to tell you

What you can and can't do

With your body, yourself

But it's up to you and no one else

It's not their body

'Pro-life' is anti-choice

Anti-choice is anti-Woman

Anti-Woman is anti-life

Fuck Mike Pence
Track Name: Deport The Rich
There is a problem

In this country

Where the those who control the means

Are those who control us all

You want it, they got it

They sold it, you bought it

Deport the rich
Track Name: The Taming Of Rebecca Starring Sharon Mitchell
On the floor now

In the case now

With your fist now

Piss in my mouth

I would like you to

Break me down into

You are Miss Jones now

I am the Devil

We are whatever

We make each other to be

I would like you to

Break me down into

This needle hasn't been

Cauterized one bit

This cigarette goes

Out on your breast

When you are bad

When you are good

This whole room is awash in fluids

In my telling you what is love

In your denying me

In your violating me

When you are bad

When you are good

In your legs

I will see God

In your words

I will validate

In your love

I will be free

When you are bad

When you are good

I would like to crawl my way

To your center

I would like to eat you out

From your inside

I would like to make my way

Up your spine

I would like to get inside

Your head


I am a cannibal


You are just a little girl
Track Name: Acid Is Groovy! Kill The Pigs!
They're on the ground, not moving

The words on the wall, are of revelations

They they died in their ways

Because hate is love and love is

This is 1969, this is the year that all pigs die

There, there, on the ground

1-2-3, little piggy squealing

Acid is groovy, kill the pigs

I would like to carve the word "pig"

On your dying breath

Save your unborn child

From this hell on Earth

You hear that pig?
Track Name: The Act Of Seeing With One's Own Eyes
The act of seeing with one's own eyes

Hole in my head, open my mind

The act of seeing with one's own eyes

I am the king in the country of the blind

I've got a hole inside my head

Drilled there by my own hand

Free from pain, free from it all

I am the maker of the law

Far beyond your world right now

Moments to meditate, no need for Tao

I am the maker of the law

I would like to see God

I've got a hole in my head

I drilled it there myself

I will trepan my way to God
Track Name: Love Is Our Profession
Bridgette Bardot

Jeanne Moreau

A loaded cannon

Viva Maria!

I love you Bridgette

I love you Jeanne

Viva Maria!

I am the maker

You are the user

You are the taker

I am the chooser

Love is our profession

Viva Maria!
Track Name: Ascension
Today I Consider Myself...